haywired_finshed_front_cover_low_res1-320x485WELCOME TO ALEX KELLER BOOKS!


Welcome to my website! I’m Alex and I’m a children’s writer.

If you would like any information about my books, me, or my school events, please use the tabs above.

Enjoy my website!




  1. to alex you where so great on wednesday when you came to moorfield primary school by the way your book hay wired it looks pretty cool i want to read it. you are a wonderful writter i am looking so forward to seeing you and when i met you i was so excited when you came i guess all the school was

    faye louise millar

    • hey alex me again faye i want hay wired and re wired but my mum says we will see so that is it i have no more to say

      yours sinserly from faye

  2. you got very good books. I no I haven’t read them but they look fantastic. Thank you so much for coming to are school.

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