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Get your pupils writing with my creative writing workshops suitable children from Key Stage 1 all the way up to years twelve and thirteen.

The aim of my visits is to get pupils from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 interested in writing by focusing on building confidence in writing their own stories. For more able/older students my workshops can concentrate on particular aspects of storytelling such as character creation, internal logic, plotting and structure, while the lower-level workshops focus on characters, description and dialogue.

The workshops and assemblies are designed to get your students’ imaginations firing and show them just how engaging and accessible writing can be, as well as providing a good grounding in how to become writers and story-tellers themselves.

Also, I am happy to tailor the themes of the workshops to your requirements,

A visit can last for as long as you wish: I can come in for an hour only (depending on your location), or for multiple days. I am based in North London.

Below is a list of some of the sorts of activities I can run during an author visit.  However, I am more than happy to work around your school’s wishes if there is any particular aspect of writing or reading on which you would like to focus.

I have over three years experience teaching creative writing in schools and I have also been a school librarian and teacher, both in the UK and abroad.

Feel free to email me at if you have any queries.

Visit Activities:

At the start of the visit I can hold a school or year group assembly.  During this time I introduce myself and my books and spend time answering any questions your pupils have about being an author, etc. During these assemblies we talk about the weird and wonderful things that can be used when telling a story too. Assemblies last approximately 30 minutes.

One to Two Hour Writing Workshops:

Years 1-2:

These workshops last between 45 minutes and an hour and a half depending on your timetable, and focus on character creation and illustration. The pupils work in pairs to create a hero and villain (concentrating on physical description, costume, superpowers, their secret base, etc.), and then they draw their hero/villain based on their ideas, which are then shared with the rest of the class.

With more able Key Stage One writers I can hold guided writing sessions writing strange fairytales.

Years 3-4:

Workshops for years 3 and 4 focus on the production of short, three-part stories written in pairs. These stories are then read and/or acted out at the end of class. Usually the stories are weird fairytales, but I’m more than happy to tailor the content to other subjects. For example I have led workshops where the story-themes were Ancient Egypt, outer space/new worlds, myths, and island/jungle adventures.

These workshops can be a minimum of 45 mins long, or up to two hours depending on your timetable, budget and the ability of the class to concentrate for longer periods of time. pupils will use aspects of story-telling including: plotting, dialogue, description, character creation, atmosphere and presentation. During these sessions, I spend time with each pair, discussing their stories with them as they write and helping them through the story-telling process. Finally, the pupils work in pairs to share ideas and I help them to begin to understand the author/editor relationship in professional publishing.

Also, I can run more advanced workshops for more able writers that focus on the skills mentioned below for Yrs 5 and 6.

Years 5-6: 

Year 5 and 6 workshops are at a higher level than those for years 3 to 4 and are either science-fiction or gothic horror themed (although I’m happy to change the topic). In these workshops I encourage the pupils to think about perspective, empathy, back-stories and cause-and-effect; ultimately they should be looking to write more focused, detailed, character-driven stories. As with the year 3-4 workshops, pupils work in pairs in order to share ideas and mirror the author/editor relationship. Theirs stories are then read and/or acted out at the end of the session.

With more able writers, I can run workshops that are at a higher level where we consider plots, character-development and back-stories more closely.

Writing Workshops (Key Stage 3 year 7):

Workshops for year seven pupils focus on the more technical aspect of creative writing, where I take the students through the steps of creative a work of fiction from a basic premise/concept through to internal logic, back-stories and detailed plotting. These workshops can last for one hour minimum and the complexity of the workshops can be adjusted to suit the ability of your students.

Signings – at the end of the day I’m more than happy to sign books. I can provide a letter that can be sent out to parents with book costs.

Day-long workshops:

Also, I offer day-long workshops in schools where we spend an entire school day going through the process of putting a story together with one class only. These workshops are much more comprehensive compared the the shorter workshops mentioned above and are suitable for students of any ability.


I charge £60 per hour which is adjusted for actual times in the classroom or given an assembly. A usual day of one 30 minute assembly followed by four workshops would come to £270. Also, I charge up to £75 for travel and accommodation expenses, however I try to keep the these costs to a minimum.

If you would like to book me for two days, the second day would be charged at £50 per hour and up to £75 per day travel and accommodation expenses.

Professional Membership/Liability Insurance:

I am a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and have Public Liability Insurance of up to £10 million.

Library Visits:

If any library would like to have me visit, please get in contact and we can arrange the specifics. I’m happy to come into your library and give a talk on my books, being an author, and what is steampunk? etc.

These events are free but any travel costs would be charged.

Skype Visits:

Lastly, I have a Skype account and I am happy to do a Skype event if I am not able to get to your school in person.  I am happy to spend up to 30 minutes per group answering questions and working with students.

These events are free of charge. 

Charity Workshops:

I’m more than happy to be involved in charity events in my capacity as an author. If you’d like me to get involved in a charity event feel free to contact me.

These events are free of charge.

For any further information on the above, please contact me on:


  1. Alex came in to work with my Year Five class over two consecutive Wednesday mornings. I chose him as my class has lots of potentially exciting (but reluctant) writers and I wanted them to be invigorated and inspired, whilst also improving the boring but essential skills of pace, descriptive detail and writing at length. His visits provided all of this and more; the children were completely absorbed in the writing tasks and produced some of their best work. They really enjoyed studying Haywired before his visit, and we have kept it as part of our Year Five curriculum. We would love to have Alex visit again next year. He was punctual, professional and really engaged with the children. Thanks!

  2. thankyou so much for visiting Weelsby Primary School so far i have enjoyed your Haywired, i reccomend it and i love your style of writing, thanks your sincerly elle mae in year 6 xxx

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